Our Vision

Şanver Furniture Decoration Construction Forest Products Inc. 20 000 m2 with a corporate management approach and state-of-the-art machinery, in order to reduce the cold effect of concretization in the rapidly developing new world order since 2004, with its 20-year-experienced managers and professional staff, to make the difference of wooden products feel, and to revive our old historical wooden culture, continues its activities in the factory site.

Our Mission

Our company, Wood and Urban Furniture (Wooden House, Gazebo, Pergola, Hotel Equipment, Children's Playgrounds, Tables, Benches, Bridges and Different Wooden Projects) since 2004, collective housing, hotels, public institutions and organizations and special projects and designs. form of service. Especially in recent years, the increase in the range of companies and products offers the customer a wide choice. Sanver Wood Inc. In order to take place in this wide market, it produces with its expert staff trained in WOOD, adopting customer satisfaction as a principle. In general, it produces the highest quality product by combining technology with knowledge. At the same time, it contributes to the promotion of wooden products by exhibiting the wide product range it has produced by emphasizing the principle of customer satisfaction on a 2000 m2 stand, which is the only one in Turkey and made in front of the factory. Our company produces functional, aesthetic, ergonomic and quality products in line with architectural projects. Today, customers make their choices by considering not only the product but also the company behind it. On this occasion, our company has ISO 9001:2000 OHS 18001 quality management system and TSE, TSEK quality certificates in order to better serve its customers, who are its most valuable asset.